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Photo Restoration

A quick photo restoration and print job completed last week for Izaac of his Great Grandfather (?) when he was just a lad. Original photo was taken from Facebook so the quality was...well FB quality, but managed to sharpen it up and clear away scratches and dust spots for an A4 and 4x6 print.

1933 Chrysler Gauge Faceplates - 4am Studio Blog

1933 Chrysler Gauge Faceplates Design

Back in May, I was approached for a challenging project; to re-create a gauge face-plate for a 1933 Chrysler Imperial for Robert.

Using the 'Oil & Gas' face-plate as a reference and some provided photos, I was able to successfully design a replica of the Water gauge using Adobe Illustrator, and provided the finished artwork to Robert for print and installation.

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Double Brown Tshirts and Singlets - 4am Studio Blog

Double Brown Custom Apparel

Who knew that the Double Brown logo would look so good!? 10 custom tees and singlets done this arvo for Coleman - cheers for the support bud 🍻

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North Harbour Vets New Website - 4am Studio Blog

New Website for North Harbour Vets

I've had the privilege of working with Nick, Emily and Doris of North Harbour Vets over the past few weeks to refresh their website and branding.

Absolutely awesome customers from start to finish of project with constant contact while we designed and implemented a new responsive, mobile friendly website, with integrated social media, SEO and more. Thanks team for the support ❤️

Thanks All - 4am Studio Blog

Thanks All!

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to all that have supported me so far in the past couple years and even more recently. Thanks to you guys I'm looking pretty booked out for the next week or so, so apologies if you haven't heard from me or I haven't followed up with you - I've just got some big projects on at the moment. But for now have a self-portrait and I'm going to go take a break and have a brew . Cheers mates!



A quick, free and easy way to see if your website is being read and crawled by Google is to set up a ‘Google Alert’ for the search phrase, keyword or content you want your website to be recognised for.

1. Visit https://google.co.nz/Alerts/

2. Type in the content or keywords that you want to create an alert about and click ‘Create Alert’.

3. You will receive emails (choose how often you want to receive the alerts...’As it Happens, At Most Once a Day or At Most Once A Week’.) of current news, or websites relevant to the content you’ve created an alert for.

4. Sit back and see if your website is being crawled for the content. If not, you may need to tweak some keyphrases or content of your website.

Example: website I submitted to Google yesterday was crawled and received an alert for ‘Wanaka’ in my inbox this morning.

4am Studio Blog

Steppin' into Level 3 - Do you need help?

Hi all! Just wanted to send a quick newsletter update to make sure that you're all keeping safe, and sane!

We're looking more and more likely that we will be entering into Alert Level 3 next week which means for some it will mean returning to work (lucky you!) or carrying on what we’ve been doing, by working from home.

Here at 4am Studio, fortunately I can work from home (independent full-service creative design studio) but can help you out if you need any assistance. That could be in any form from Graphic & Website Design, Illustration, Apparel and Signage to Print, Online & Digital Marketing Strategies and SEO solutions.

Stay Safe, Stay Home & Sell Online – If you need a website that offers online sales/purchases or deliveries let me know, I have plenty of options available. Alternatively, if you just need a simple option to get online without building a full-on website try Google My Business (you can see an example of how it looks here; have any questions? Just flick through an email or call 021 0359 391).

I said it would be quick, so if there’s anything I can assist with even if you have general questions/need advice or want ideas for a quick Mother’s Day gift, I’m just an email or phone call away.

Take care,

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Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery

Wanaka Jobs ReBrand (Website & Marketing)

A rebrand done for Wanaka Jobs (Wanaka and Central Otago Job Search) over the Easter weekend including a new logo design, business cards and a fresh website design.

Wanaka Jobs Domain Name Bundle Available now - Please contact me to register your interest.

State Highway 87 Pub Crawl Colouring-in Pages

With all of our local haunts in current lock-down, I've drawn up some adult colouring-in pages of some iconic southern pubs...introducing the 'State Highway 87 Pub Crawl Colouring-in Pages' featuring the Outram Hotel, Clark's Junction Hotel and Strath Taieri Hotel.

Adult colouring-in pages 'State Highway 87 Pub Crawl Colouring in Pages' featuring the Outram Hotel, Clarks Junction Hotel and Strath Taieri Hotel available for download below.

Download, colour in, have a beer and enjoy your favourite pub without being there 🍻👩‍🎨👨‍🎨🍻

Adult Colouring-in Pages - New Zealand Pubs
State Highway 87 Pub Crawl Colouring-in Pages - Outram Hotel
Adult Colouring-in Pages - New Zealand Pubs
State Highway 87 Pub Crawl Colouring-in Pages - Clark's Junction Hotel
Adult Colouring-in Pages - New Zealand Pubs
State Highway 87 Pub Crawl Colouring-in Pages - Strath Taieri Hotel

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