Rotten Dollies began as ‘designer’ plush toys/art way back in 2005 whilst I was studying towards my degree – the name included Rotten because that’s what my sewing was, absolutely!

An attempt of plush that resembled a cat and a turtle were created and given to family members for Christmas. From then on there had been many more attempts of plush resembling other animals such as bees, bunnies and bats but 2007 saw Rotten Dollies being pushed further in ways of design and the completion of a first pattern was produced.

Since 2005 there have been approximately over 100+ creations made with several custom orders and patterns being changed over the time.

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Rotten Dollies are handmade cute, yet quirky, soft designer plush made in New Zealand. They are not mass produced but are 100% original, unique artistic designs. Rotten Dollies are primarily made from polyester fleece, felt, filled with poly-fill and are an innovative art form expressed in a new medium, the designer plush.

Generally, these are not items for very young kids, but strange and wonderful plush dollies for the young and young at heart.

Many have a quirky and weird streak and some are a bit "darker" than others.


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