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Alana Moffatt

Hi there! I’m Alana, the designer, illustrator, artist and owner who is responsible for all things 4am Studio.

Currently located amidst the mountains and lakes of Central Otago, I have worked for businesses and clients both nationally and worldwide for over 14 years. My background is in Visual Arts and Web Design and graduated from UCOL with a Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging, majoring in Web Design back in 2008.

I was born in Dunedin and raised on a rural South Otago farm...*ahem* back-roads of Clinton *ahem* with my older brother and twin sister; we would get stuck in where we could. Or rather where we were told (we were not the farm owners, so it meant we were not allowed to hoon around on the motor bikes etc., so creativity and imaginations played a huge part in our growing up).

We were taught a lot from our parents and Grandparents (from Gore and Middlemarch) and can honestly say we were raised in one of the best times. From playing in the creeks and the paddocks, biking up and around the cattle-yards and building tracks for our dinkies – that freedom and privilege to just be a kid on a farm is something that we will never forget and has shaped the person I am today.

I've recently become a first time Mum (Christmas Eve 2021), so when I'm not working from home, I'm bonding, loving and cuddling with my greatest creation yet - little Ada.

So, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty - I am keen to have a go at any project that is passed my way no matter how big or small within many disciplines including illustration, design, and web development and eager to bring together my creative and technical talent to deliver results-driven, custom and modern design solutions for you.

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The Business

4am Studio

4am Studio is an independent, full-service design studio, providing graphic design, website design, print & signage, online & digital marketing strategies, branding and illustrations for individuals, small businesses, brands, and professionals across New Zealand and abroad.

Some of my services include: Graphic Design, Original Artwork, Website Design & Development (inc. SEO), Online Services, Illustrations, Print and Signage (inc. vehicle design & signage), Clothing Design & Heat pressing, Corporate/Brand Identity, Print & Advertising Design, Business Stationery, Marketing Collateral, and Social Media Set Up and Design.

Explore the full range of services here. To become a stockist, make a wholesale or general inquiry, you can contact me here.

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