4am Studio - Social Media Management Packages

We understand managing the digital world can be overwhelming. So, let us handle the social media tasks so you can focus on your expertise.


Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Threads or Twitter platforms; at the start of your operation, your social media accounts can be created or revamped for success.

As part of our social media marketing consultations we will review your current platforms (or create new ones) and I can advise what works best for your business, your next steps and getting you in front of your desired market.

Social Media Tip: Content creation is one of the most important elements to any social media platforms and campaigns. Because of this, you should aim to create original content that is representative of your brand and voice through graphic design and brief-written content.

  • Social media platforms set up
  • Spruce up existing platforms
  • Social media consultation
  • Social media audits
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation
  • Organic social media posting
  • Hashtag research & creation
  • Stand alone social media strategy
  • Content calendar
  • One on one socials coaching

Please note: We do not curate or craft content for TikTok, Youtube or Snapchat, where video is used predominantly. However, we can set these channels up for you.


With your collaboration, we will create, plan and schedule content that’s relevant to your brand, business and clients, all the while keeping those graphics in check, on brand and sized accordingly.

Please note: We are only accepting 1 - 3 clients for social media management.

What's included in our Social Media Management guide:

  • Retainers, choose from:
    • 3, 6 or 8 hours per month
  • Steps & processes
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Getting to know your business questionnaire

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I have been involved with social media since the early 2000’s, created over 1000+ graphics and campaigns for an array of businesses for their platforms since 2018. Prior to 2018 I was responsible for setting up, designing, creating content and managing over 13 business profiles across the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter, along with my other graphic design and administrative duties.

Why choose us

We just get it

We understand that for many businesses, the idea of coming up with social media posts, content, and graphics is time-consuming and for many, you may be thinking 'why bother?'.


But if we break it down, specific to New Zealand, over 80% of kiwis use social media! With resources indicating that Facebook alone had 2.95 million users and Instagram had 2.15 million here in NZ in 2023. That's over 2 million potential customers who could be discovering your brand!

We're like you

We align ourselves with like-minded businesses, the go-getters and the hard-workers. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but want to get our business in front of more 'like-minded' people and customers and offer our services and advice to them too.

So if content crafting and social media really do get you bothered, that’s where 4am Studio can step in! We are here to take care of it, so it’s one less thing you and your business have to worry about, especially if you find tech and digital stuff too confusing. If you also need ongoing graphic design and want the benefits of hiring a designer without the overheads of someone working full time in-house, we’ve got just the service for you too - get in touch!

Stats Data:

Some of our existing social media clients included...

From graphic design, content creation, copywriting, strategy or management